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  • Why should I choose Bella Custom Blinds over big-box stores?
    There are many advantages to choosing custom created window coverings, rather than stopping by your local superstore; the most obvious being the look of the blinds. Custom blinds simply look, fit and age better than bargain brands. A well-crafted and fitted quality shutter outshines any mass-produced alternative. Another advantage is quality. With custom blinds by Bella Custom Blinds, your shutters will last a lifetime, and they’ll look great the entire time. We stand behind this quality so strongly that we offer a lifetime guarantee.
  • How much do blinds cost?
    Custom Blind pricing can vary, depending on the options selected. Making decisions in design style, finishing options, number of windows, materials can influence a price greatly. Interior blind selection is much different than exterior blinds, which is why Bella Custom Blinds offers a free measurement and design consultation to all potential clients; to deliver the most accurate pricing.
  • What are the best type of blinds for my home?
    Blind types depends greatly on two factors: what style you prefer and what your needs are. If you desire more natural light, easy-opening accordion blinds or shutter sets are a great option. Another popular choice is roller shades, which are easy to manipulate and maintain an extremely classic aesthetic. Overall, it comes down to personal preference, and we are happy to help you make decisions. In the meantime, look at some of the great interior blind options here.
  • Do interior blinds increase home value?
    Yes! Beyond offering great insulation to block UV rays for better energy efficiency, they improve the appearance of a home. Custom Blinds show potential buyers that you’ve invested to keep your home at a higher standard. The result being higher appraisals and outstanding first impressions of shoppers.
  • Do Zebra Roller Shade darken a room?
    Yes and no is the dual answer. Zebra Roller Shades only make a room, as light or dark, as you want it to be. By adjusting the louvers or slats in shades in either an open or close position, you will achieve your desired amount of light into the room or block the light. This aspect makes interior shutters an excellent choice for bedrooms and bathrooms alike.
  • How long does installation take?
    Depending on the size of your home and the number of blinds being installed, the process is relatively quick and is typically completed in 1- 2 hours. Our installation professionals are always courteous, experienced and respectful of our clients and their homes.
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