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Venetian blinds offer the same beauty and class that real wood blinds provide. Resisting warping, cracking, chipping and peeling, Our Cordless blinds are an excellent choice for high-moisture areas. Our blinds can be customized, and they are the perfect way to complete any chic aesthetic.

Our Faux Wood / Venetian blinds come in 2” and white colour. If you live in or around the Vancouver Metro areas and are looking for Faux Wood blinds, Bella Custom Blinds is your supplier. Offering excellent customer service and designer expertise, we will help you find the blinds that best match your personal taste. Enhance your home today with Bella Custom Blinds.

Faux Wood / Venetian Blind Features:

  • Faux Wood / Venetian blinds are made from a durable polymer construction and unlike the ones off of the shelf at the box stores, all of our Faux Wood / Venetian blinds that we offer are treated with a UV stabilizer to resist cracking, fading and yellowing from the sun.

  • Energy efficient with their outstanding ability to insulate your windows.

  • Their moisture resistance makes them an excellent choice for high humidity areas.

  • Faux Wood / Venetian blinds have great light control with the adjustable louvers.

  • Achieve the look of wood at a lower price point!

  • With the wider slat sizes available, wood blinds can mimic the look of shutters at a fraction of the cost.

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