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Faux Wood: What You Need to Know about cleaning.

Updated: Mar 23

Faux wood blinds are typically made of vinyl and wood-like materials. These kinds of blinds collect dust regularly. Cleaning faux wood blinds is easy with the right tools and a little knowledge. In this blog, we will describe surefire ways on how to clean up your faux wood blinds.

For a straightforward clean

You should clean faux wood blinds twice per week to keep germs, allergens, and dust at bay. You can use an easy feather or fabric duster to remove any debris on your blinds. Frequent dusting lessens the need for a major yearly clean. It’s always easier to clean frequently so there’s no buildup of dirt.

A little warm water and white vinegar on a cloth is also a quick and easy blind cleaner. Dampen your cloth with a little water and vinegar then swipe your hand across the bottom and top of each blind. Especially in places like kitchens or bathrooms you can use white vinegar to kill germs.

To clean faux wood blinds you can also use the trusty vacuum brush attachment to remove any excess dirt or dust. You could also mix a little mild detergent and lukewarm water, then dampen a piece of soft cloth and wipe across the tops and bottoms of each slat.

Here is a summary of tips for cleaning your faux wood blinds

  1. You should dust your blinds once per week with a microfiber cloth or a feather duster

  2. Use vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment

  3. You should flip your faux wood blinds in the opposite direction

  4. Eliminate dust with a microfiber cloth and a little mild detergent or white vinegar

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