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How to Choose the Right Window Coverings

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Decorative and practical well-selected blinds can transform your room. With so many kinds of blinds, you need to buy the right ones for your windows. There is an enormous choice now for blinds, and they come in all kinds of natural and artificial materials and at all different price points. In this blog, we have summarized the best tips for you on how to choose the right blinds for your needs. Here are the points that you need to consider:


Selecting a style is the starting point. Do you like Venetian or Roller blinds? These are just two possibilities. The style you select should reflect your room and your individual taste. Do you want something old-fashioned or contemporary?


Interior blinds are designed with different materials that vary in their suitability. Some materials are easier to clean than others. For rooms that get high traffic, cleaning your blinds may be a priority. Furthermore, some materials filter light more or less and offer more or less privacy. So, the right material depends on the application. Do you need filtered sunlight? No sunlight at times? Do you want blinds to add to the insulation of windows?

Consider the window:

Different kinds of blinds open and close differently. The type of window you have, and how that window opens and closes–if at all–will play a role in choosing the right blind.

Safety for your family and friends:

You should purchase blinds that are suitable for your family and friends. There are some blinds that children and pets can get tangled in. If this is a concern, then plan appropriately by choosing the right height, width, and method of opening and closing the blind.


Blinds are available at different price points. So, you will be able to find something suitable to fit any reasonable budget.

Bella Custom Blinds offers Canadian-made and high-quality blinds at reasonable prices. If you have any questions about this article or would like to talk to us about blinds, please call us at (604) 807-6906.


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