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The Best Wood Blinds for Homes

Wood blinds have been a popular choice of window covering in homes for many years. Today, there are a wide variety of options for wooden blinds, so it helps to make an informed decision when it’s time to replace your old wooden blinds with the new ones. Ensuring you have the best wood blinds for your home’s unique climate, look, and budget depends on a variety of factors which will be discussed in detail below. When in doubt, consult with a professional design team to achieve all your goals with your wood blinds investment.


The first thing to consider before picking a wooden blind is choosing the right color that will match your house exterior and interior design. For most houses, white is always a safe choice as both interiors and exteriors can easily be painted in white if the need arises. When choosing a wooden blind for your home, make sure to use color samples of the paint of both the interior and exterior so they match seamlessly.

Wood vs Faux Wood

Depending on your personal taste for style and design, you may lean towards the charm of genuine wooden blinds, or the versatility offered by their man-made counterparts. For those who desire the look and feel of real wood on their windows, faux wood blinds are a good option since they have many of the same benefits as actual wooden slats. However, faux wood blinds tend to be more affordable than traditional wooden blinds.

Privacy Options

Increase the privacy of your wooden blinds with a wood grille design without compromising light and natural ventilation. These blinds also come with wood panels which you can use to cover the lower half of your window and get a more private look for your home.

It Pays to Go Pro

When buying your Faux-Wood blinds, partner with an experienced blinds company in Langley, BC & with a Maple Ridge, BC consultant that offers a long-term excellent customer service experience.

Bella Custom Blinds offers a variety of customizable window blinds in Langley & Maple Ridge, BC that can increase your home’s energy efficiency while adding a personal touch to any room. Come visit our showroom and discover all the possibilities

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