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Protect Your Furniture from the Sun

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

While most everyone enjoys summer and the sunny weather that comes with it, the sun, and specifically ultraviolet (UV) light can damage furniture. The sun can cause valuable features like the floor, furniture, and artwork of your home to fade. In this article, we’ll talk about how blinds protect your furniture from the sun.

How the sun damages your furniture

They are three key causes of damage from light spectrum; these include heat radiation, UVB, and UVA rays. Your expensive furniture can fade due to the UV rays that come from the sun. Both fabric and wood is susceptible to sun damage. Even the wood finishes can be damaged by the sun in addition to the wood itself.


The great way to preserve the value of your furniture is to invest some money in blinds. These are also known as solar shades! There are specific ultraviolet window blinds that are designed from fabrics that disperse and filter aggressive light. This makes them a useful selection in protecting your furniture at home. There are also blinds made of other opaque products that prevent UV light from penetrating them.

Why you need to invest in blinds today for your furniture

They are affordable: Blinds are not very expensive, and they will preserve your furniture from permanent damage. Blinds come in different styles: They are designed in different textures, tints, colours, and shades according to your design needs.

Blinds provide lighting and privacy control: When you install blinds in your home they will not only protect your expensive furniture from sunlight but they keep your home secure 24/7 because those outside can’t see in.

Blinds are energy efficient: They help to save energy expenses and lower carbon dioxide emissions. Blinds serve as added insulation on windows, keeping heat inside in the winter and keeping heat outside in the summer.

Bella Custom Blinds offers Canadian-made and high-quality blinds at reasonable prices. If you have any questions about this article or would like to talk to us about blinds, please call us at (604) 807-6906.

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