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Zebra Rollers


Zebra Roller Shades have a front and back fabric that is striped. When you line up the stripes, you allow light to enter your home through wide sections of sheer. Pull the cord and the sheer sections become solid. This provides complete total privacy when needed. If you continue pulling the cord, the shade rolls up into a small container and disappears. Available in a wide variety of contemporary fabrics, our Zebra Rollers are sure to turn heads.

  • Zebra roller shades are one of our most popular items.

  • They look modern and elegant and go with all types of decor.

  • The size of the window does not matter, these shades can be installed on any type of window.

  • They are light weight and very durable.

  • Very little maintenance and dusting is required.

  • These shades come in a very wide variety of fabrics and colours

We help you select right blinds or window coverings and colours to match your home decor, according to your taste and preferences. We don’t import cheap products from other countries. Our products are made in Canada.

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